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Helping CEOs build industry-leading brands with great reputations

Ros Weadman FPRIA

Ros Weadman FPRIA

If you’re a CEO, communications professional, consultant, coach or other change-maker looking to connect people to your organisation’s higher purpose, principles and promise, and striving to build a strong, positive reputation, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s competitive, commoditised and over-communicated world, building a brand people want to work for, buy from and invest in has never been more important. Connecting people to, and strategically-aligning a brand with, a higher purpose and core values, then faithfully delivering on the brand promise, are key when it comes to building an industry-leading brand with a great reputation.

I work at the intersection of corporate culture, strategic communications and customer experience to improve organisational alignment, create more engaged and cohesive teams, and enhance brand reputation. This is deep work that helps my clients to stand apart in their industry, resonate deeply with target audiences and build a positive public profile.

The problems I solve are mostly associated with a lack of clarity, connectedness and consistency:

* You don’t know what you stand for – your purpose, vision, mission and values need defining
* Your brand is undifferentiated – you need to understand and leverage what makes you unique
* Your brand message is confusing – you need a clear value proposition that resonates

* Teams are not connected to the organisation’s purpose, vision or values
* Teams work on tasks and in silos instead of on outcomes through collaboration
* You’re struggling to attract and retain top talent

* Your brand touchpoints and customer experiences are inconsistent in their messaging and delivery
* Staff don’t speak with a united voice when describing what your organisation does
* Communications and marketing efforts are ad hoc, leading to wasted time, money and effort

In delivering my work, I stay true to my core values:

* authenticity to be real
* courage to make a stand
* passion to ignite the fire within
* vision to see what could be
* empowerment to lead sustainable change

I’ve won many industry and business awards, I’m a Telstra Business Awards’ nominee and have been featured in Kochie’s Business Builders, International Institute of Directors and Managers, Forbes Australia, Dynamic Business, CEO World Magazine, Inside Retail, HR Leader, Flying Solo and many others.

I’ve authored two books – ‘BrandCode’, a strategic marketing guide for small business and ‘Enhance Your Reputation’, a practical book about building a brand people want to work for, buy from and invest in.

I’m a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, and tertiary qualified in professional communication, business management, psychology and secondary education. I’m an accredited EDISC consultant and accredited with the International Association of Public Participation.




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