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Inner Brilliance Personal Branding Workshop

Inner Brilliance Personal Branding Workshop

11th November 2022 9am-12noon


Gain clarity and confidence to amplify your inner brilliance and make your mark on the world

Discover how to become more visible, influential and in demand in 90 days


Are you an expert or entrepreneur who…


  • wants to be more visible in your industry and the marketplace?
  • wants to be more highly valued for your skills and services?
  • is struggling to connect with your target audience?
  • wants to differentiate yourself and value from competitors?
  • wants more success but lacks confidence to put yourself out there?


Building a strong personal brand amplifies your leadership influence, builds your visibility and credibility, and helps position you as an authority in your field. It also paves the way to command a higher price for your services, leverage strategic partnerships and create more opportunities to fulfil your business goals and career ambitions.


In today’s competitive and commoditised marketplace, it’s about putting yourself in the driver’s seat of how you want to be perceived – your reputation – if you want to stand out and achieve more success!


Going from Invisible to Influential


When it comes to building a strong personal brand, experts and entrepreneurs will usually sit on a spectrum between being invisible to being an influencer. The below Influence Spectrum shows the indicative journey.


The journey to building a strong persona brand 


When it comes to building a strong personal brand, experts and entrepreneurs will usually sit on a spectrum between being invisible to being an influencer. The below Influence Spectrum shows the indicative journey.













Very Good


Rising Star












By attending this half-day workshop, you’ll:


  • Create a personal brand VISION of your brilliant legacy that leaves the world a better place.
  • Define your personal brand VALUE of the brilliant problem-solving expertise that people will pay for.
  • Speak your personal brand VOICE by crafting your brilliant message the world needs to hear.
  • Leverage your personal brand VISIBILITY by identifying the relevant marketing mediums to spotlight your brilliant presence



What we’ll cover at the workshop:


  • Discover why having a strong personal brand matters for your future success
  • Identify the 5 blocks that hold people back from building a personal brand
  • Understand the 3 powerful criteria of a strong personal brand
  • Unlock the 7 keys to your unique Signature BrandCode®


The workshop is ideal for you if you want to:


  • find out how personal branding can accelerate your career ambitions
  • get clear about who you are as a brand and the value you deliver
  • project a more unified personal brand across marketing platforms
  • be more intentional about shaping how you wish to be perceived by others – your reputation!



  • Full colour workbook
  • Enhance Your Reputation’ ebook
  • Morning tea and networking

Date: Friday 11 November 2022

Time: 9.00am-12.00pm

Venue: Hills Hub, 402 Belgrave-Emerald Road, Emerald, VIC

Investment:  $97 inc GST

Book your spot today:     


Infoline:  1800 677 600

Government and venue COVID restrictions of the day will apply. 


What Ros’s community of experts and entrepreneurs have said:


Deb Pace – Director, Pacing Dynamics

Working with Ros was like a breath of fresh air into my business. Although I was not 100% sure at the beginning of where it would lead or what was expected. The outcome was business changing. I reconnected deeply with my WHY, I am now able to see my business from a new perspective with a vision of where I want it to go. It also provided a platform for enhancing my website, my promotional material and best of all an alignment throughout.


Lisa Martin – Owner, Wise Lion Life Coaching

I recently completed Ros Weadman’s personal branding program. Prior to commencing the program I was uncertain and confused about marketing myself and my business. I have now gained the clarity and confidence that I needed to move forward with my business and develop a marketing program to build my profile and connect with my target markets. Ros’s deep insights and signature methodology not only transformed my business, they have also transformed me and ignited a passion and purpose that I didn’t know that I had.


Ricky Verkaik, Director, Zain Digital

Ros’s work helps clients get clear on who they are, the needs of their target markets and how they wish to be positioned in the marketplace. Every chance we get, we recommend our clients see Ros first as we know it will be highly beneficial for the final client outcome.



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