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Working together to articulate what you stand for, communicate your value and drive a great reputation


Developing communication strategies that deliver results has been at the core of my work for than three decades. From new services and policies to major projects and advocacy campaigns, I’ve devised strategies on a myriad of topics, including roads and transport, infrastructure, advocacy, children, family, youth and aged services, community safety, environment and growth council interests, to name a few.

The high quality of my strategies is reflected in my comprehensive methodology, ability to work collaboratively with clients to understand and achieve their goals and outcomes, application of best practice thinking and methodologies, extensive experience in strategic communications and issues management in shaping narrative and key messages, and development of cost-effective solutions.


“This is great work. Thanks very much. If the recommended course of action is implemented, we should see a major shift in comms…”
Metropolitan local government chief executive officer


As an award-winning public relations and marketing professional with more than 35 years’ experience, I provide clients with advice on strategic communications, public relations, crisis communications, issues management, marketing communications, stakeholder engagement and advocacy services.

I have led corporate communications teams through unprecedented change and growth, driving adoption of new digital technologies, championing community engagement, advancing advocacy priorities and strategically positioning my employers and clients as leaders in their industry. I also have exceptional experience in media and issues management, including leading crisis communications teams responding to some of Australia’s highest profile incidents and issues, including the Cranbourne Methane Gas crisis (2008), Black Saturday fires (2009), Springvale Salmonella outbreak (1997) and Victorian Gas crisis (1998).



Ros Weadman was a breath of fresh air. She listens. She gets it…Everything just works. She is professional, dedicated and timely. And she really knows her craft. Basically, I can’t recommend her more highly.

Ray Keefe, Managing Director, Successful Endeavours


The Melbourne Seafood Centre first engaged Ros of MPRMG in 2011. At the time, we required a company with specialist skills to help us liaise with the state government on a significant but delicate matter. Ros came in, assessed our situation and advised us on the best way to move forward. She understood our business, what we wanted to achieve and we got the best results. Since then we have used her a number of times and each time the service has been excellent with positive outcomes.

Barbara Konstas – Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne Seafood Centre



Masterclasses for business

Our Brandcode masterclasses are designed for small and medium-sized businesses who want to take a strategic approach to their marketing and improve the return on investment.

In the one-day 48-Hour Marketing Plan workshop, you’ll develop a simple and effective marketing plan for your business.

In the one-day Media Mojo workshop you’ll develop a plan to gain free publicity for your business.

In the half-day Signature Value Proposition workshop you’ll develop a powerful value proposition that turns your unique point of difference into a competitive advantage.


Ros Weadman’s passion is infectious. She turns traditional marketing on its head and provides all the tools for success based on her unique marketing code. With Ros’s support, I was able to create an effective marketing plan that really works. 

Caroline Ward, Ki Creative

Ros’s signature approach made us all think laterally and deeply, identifying missed marketing opportunities, and clearly defined novel approaches to take advantage of those avenues. I’d recommend this workshop to every micro to medium business owner who’s frustrated with their marketing results and wants to have clear plan of action. 

Arek Rainczuk, Five Castles Portraits


Masterclasses for public sector organisations

In the two-day Communications and Engagement Strategy Masterclass is participants learn how to develop a communications and engagement strategy to help raise awareness and understanding of their service, program or project, and engage stakeholders for better community outcomes.

In the two-day Strategic Brand Alignment training participants learn how to align organisational culture, communications and customer experience. The consistency of thoughts, words and actions builds brand credibility, trust among stakeholders and an enhanced reputation.


It was once again an absolute pleasure to take part in a training with Ros. Her energy and passion for communications and engagement is infectious and she really helped us as a team articulate our purpose. The groundwork that we have done here is going to be enormously beneficial in creating a Communications Team Strategy moving forward.

Sam Shalders, City of Ballarat


See forthcoming events here https://www.rosweadman.com.au/events/ 


I combine the specialist knowledge, skills and expertise gained from more than 35 years’ experience in marketing and public relations to help individuals and teams to become more effective communicators and marketers so they can represent their brand with confidence and consistency, and help shape the reputation they desire.

My mentoring and coaching work involves providing advice and feedback, specialised instruction and training, offering new perspectives, brainstorming and providing support material when needed. Sessions can be conducted face-to-face or video conference, depending on location.

Coaching and mentoring can cover a range of topics, for example:

  • Addressing a marketing, public relations or communication challenge
  • Crafting vision, mission and core values statements
  • Developing a signature value proposition
  • Devising a marketing strategy or communication strategy
  • Personal branding
  • Identifying and segmenting target markets 
  • Developing content for your online, social and print media
  • Speaking with the media
  • Delivering presentations with confidence
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Communicating effectively with different behavioural styles (based on the 4 DISC styles)
  • Crafting messages for different target audiences
  • And more



Ros’s work helps clients get clear on who they are, the needs of their target markets and how they wish to be positioned in the marketplace. Every chance we get, we recommend our clients see Ros first as we know it will be highly beneficial for the final client outcome.

Ricky Verkaik, Director, Zain Digital 


Whether you’re a private enterprise or public sector organisation, building a credible and trusted brand with a great reputation has never been more important. People want to work for brands aligned with their values, customers want to buy from brands focussed on the bigger picture, and investors want to support brands of integrity.

I specialise in helping professional service providers to think bigger and position themselves as a purpose-driven brand that understands how the ripple effect of their work creates a better world. From articulating what you stand for with a compelling vision and mission, to crafting a signature value proposition and inspiring brand story, together we transform your communications from dull and detached to engaging and energised. It’s both powerful and empowering work.


Tudor Insurance Australia needed to redefine our core vision, mission and values as part of a rebrand project so we contacted Ros Weadman to assist us with this and we are so glad we did. Ros takes the passion and vision you have for your business, draws out the ideas you didn’t realise you had and articulates these perfectly into a document that is usable and relevant to your business to define your brand, vision, mission and values to your clients and staff. Ros is a true professional in what she does. What she promises she delivers, with interest! I have no hesitation in offering my strongest recommendation for Ros to anyone wanting to develop these key pillars for their business.

Cameron McKerchar, Managing Director, Tudor Insurance Australia


The message of my keynote presentation on ‘How to build a credible and trusted brand and enhance your reputation’ is relevant to CEOS, executives, managers, team leaders and professional service consultants, advisors, thought leaders and trainers.

I have a strong belief that brands with a compelling vision and purpose have the power to move humanity forward by achieving a positive difference in their local communities, towns, nation or the world, beyond that which they deliver for their customer. I want to see a world where more business owners and public sector executives are empowered to think bigger picture and stand for something beyond their product/service. 

My presentations are engaging, educative and inspiring. Attendees walk away with new insights they can apply immediately.

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