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Masterclasses for business

Masterclasses for business

BRANDPresence™ masterclasses are designed for small and medium-sized businesses without in-house marketing and PR expertise.

2-day Marketing Plan

In this two-day masterclass, you’ll be guided to develop a strategic marketing plan for your business. 

Download the brochure. 2-day Marketing Plan_Sept17_FINAL_sm

Advanced Communication Skills for Business Owners

In this two-day masterclass, you’ll learn how to become a persuasive communicator and more influential leader. 

Download the brochure. Advanced Comm Skills_business_Sept17_FINAL

Half-day Media Mojo

In this three-hour masterclass, you’ll learn how the media ticks and how you can get free publicity for your business.

Download the brochure. MediaMojoFlyer_Sept17_FINAL_s

Masterclasses for government

Masterclasses for government

GovComms™ masterclasses are designed for people working in local, state or federal government and those working in the not-for-profit sector to become more confident, credible and congruent communicators. Download the brochure for local government masterclasses. GovComms LG Masterclasses_Sept17_sm

Masterclasses on the following topics can be tailored to suit your needs:

How to Develop a Strategic Communications and Engagement Plan

Download the brochure. LG Masterclasses_Comms&EngagementPlan_2017_2

Advanced Communication Skills for Government Leaders 

Download the brochure. LG Masterclasses_AdvancedCommsSkills_2017_2

How to Write Government Publications

Download the brochure. LG Masterclasses_HowToWriteACouncilPublication_2017_2

Masterclasses for government


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