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Public Sector Communications & Engagement Strategy

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Develop a strategy for a project/topic/issue of your choice in real time

This two-day workshop is designed for public sector employees working in communications, community engagement, advocacy, marketing, events, service delivery and project management.

What we’ll cover in the workshop:

  • set measurable communication and engagement goals and objectives
  • align strategic documents, policies and legislative requirements with their strategy
  • analyse the external environment and develop a risk profile with mitigating actions 
  • identify internal and external stakeholders and analyse their communication and engagement needs
  • create a vision and value proposition for their project
  • develop a narrative and key messages that resonate with target audiences
  • put in place an issues management process and develop responses to potential concerns and objections
  • map out a strategic approach to raise awareness, spark conversation and drive action throughout the project
  • select the right communication tools and tactics to build visibility and reach audiences
  • select the right stakeholder and community engagement techniques
  • develop an action plan identifying what needs to be done by when
  • develop key performance indicators to measure success

Venue:     Emerald, VICTORIA

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'Ros has an absolute wealth of knowledge and passion for communications, I could not help but leave the session feeling energized, inspired and ready to tackle new challenges using the insights and principles that we had discussed. I wish everyone in my team could have this experience!'

Emma Williams
Communications & Design Team, City of Ballarat

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