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Personal Branding for Executives, Experts and Entrepreneurs

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Expand your influence and enhance your reputation with a strong personal brand that amplifies your inner brilliance

Communicate your worth to clients and colleagues with more clarity, confidence and consistency



Building a strong, authentic personal brand amplifies your leadership influence, builds your credibility and enhances your reputation within your industry, in the marketplace and in the media.


It also paves the way to command a higher price for your services, leverage strategic partnerships and open more opportunities to fulfil your business goals and career ambitions.


The Inner Brilliance! Personal Branding Program is for experts, entrepreneurs and executives who want to become more visible, more influential and more in demand.


The program is an immersive and transformative experience. Participants  take a deep dive into the  method to unlock their personal BrandCode® so they can amplify their inner brilliance and make their mark on the world.


You will receive one-on-one guided support by an award-winning brand communication and reputation expert with more than 35 years’ experience, a comprehensive workbook, unlimited telephone/email support during the course and a range of other resources.




In a competitive and commoditised marketplace, standing out has never been more important. Whether you’re growing a business or moving up the corporate ladder, branding has become as important for people as it’s been for businesses and products for decades.


Personal branding is a strategic process that involves defining and leveraging an authentic self-identity that shapes the way you want to be perceived. Your personal brand is not something fake – it simply amplifies more of who you already are. A personal brand embodies your purpose, values, beliefs, goals and specialist problem-solving expertise, and reflects your individual style, attitude and voice – in a more intentional, aligned and consistent way.




Some of the many benefits of creating a strong authentic personal brand include:


  • Accelerates the know, like, trust process
  • Drives a more cohesive reputation across platforms rather than a fragmented one
  • Establishing yourself as a subject matter expert and authority in your field
  • More clarity, confidence and certainty about your purpose, values, worth and message
  • Being more distinguishable from competition
  • Greater newsworthiness
  • Higher perceived value and ability to command a higher price
  • Clients seeking you out
  • Increased visibility in the marketplace and/or workplace
  • Greater ability to leverage partnerships
  • More opportunities!





1 Speaking and acting out of alignment

Sometimes in life, business and work, we say and do things not congruent with our true selves – to fit in, to get along, to people please, to stay under the radar, to not rock the boat, to puff ourselves up, to bring ourselves down, among others. However, speaking and acting out of alignment with our true values and beliefs feels uncomfortable and is a disservice to self. Personal branding is about thinking, speaking and acting in alignment with your beliefs and values, consistently.


2 You’re not clear on your ‘why’

You know what you do and how you do it well but you may not be clear on why you do it. In today’s purpose-driven world, people want to connect with brands that stand for more than just profits. Getting clear on your purpose – your ‘why’ – is essential to move from being invisible to being more influential.


3 Your too ‘vanilla’

Marketing guru Seth Godin said, ‘The key to success is to find a way to stand out – to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins.’ Building your personal brand is a great way to stand out, by being more intentional and consistent about your market positioning and public presence.


4 Your brand message is unclear

If you’re having trouble attracting or connecting with your ideal client, it could be because people don’t understand or are confused about the problem you solve and the value you deliver. Getting crystal clear on your zone of genius and value proposition through personal branding will help you cut through the noise of a highly distracting marketplace and connect more effectively with potential buyers.


5 You have no visibility

You know you’re great at what you do but you won’t have a business if no-one else knows. To get found means turning up in search results; to attract attention and spark interest means having a compelling brand presence, across platforms and in the boardroom.


6 You’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone

Putting yourself out there, for example, by sharing your content online, can be daunting at first. However, when you get clear on your message, and develop a structure and cadence around sharing your thoughts and ideas about your specialist expertise, you not only build your credibility and professional connections, you also build your confidence and professional growth.


7 People have a perception about you that’s different to the one you have of yourself

People build trust with other people when they have a sense of familiarity and understanding. If you’re not showing up, online or in person, with regularity and consistency, then people may describe you in different ways or be confused about what you stand for. Personal branding helps shape a more unified perception in the minds of others of who you are.




When it comes to building a strong personal brand, experts, entrepreneurs and executives will usually sit on a spectrum somewhere between being invisible to being an influencer. The below Influence Spectrum table shows the indicative journey of moving along the spectrum.



1     Invisible

Your strengths and expertise are recognised by clients and immediate business network / work colleagues but you are not known within your industry or outside your business/work circle.


2     Emergent

You are starting to be recognised as ‘someone to watch’ in your industry / workplace, and starting to attract new business / roles based on your growing knowledge and experience, and commitment to achieving results.


3     Rising Star

You are gaining a reputation as a top performer in your industry / workplace, and starting to attract higher paying clients / leadership roles based on the results you are achieving and the relationships you are building.


4     Authority

You are gaining a reputation as a top performer in your industry / workplace, and starting to attract higher paying clients / leadership roles based on the results you are achieving and the relationships you are building.


5     Influencer

You are recognised nationally and/or internationally as being in the top echelon of your industry, a thought leader who innovates and moves the industry forward. You have a full book of clients who pay a premium price. Top clients seek you out.




Just like a diamond sparkles most vividly in light, a person’s inner brilliance shines most remarkably when they project a strong, authentic personal brand with volition. And as a diamond without light can appear like glass, professionals who leave their personal brand to chance become commoditised among a sea of generalists.

The roadmap to building a personal brand that amplifies your inner brilliance involves seven key steps. 




1 Purpose – getting clear on your ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Your ‘why’ captures your unique contribution to, and impact on, your clients and society.


2 Principles – articulating the core values and standards you uphold and that guide your decisions, language and behaviour.


3 Proposition – the unique value proposition that closes the gap between where your clients are now and where they want to be.


4 Positioning – the brand identity you project, including your authentic style, language and tonality; the brand message that describes your zone of genius, and the brand space you ‘own’ in the marketplace based on your key competitive advantages.


5 Product – the packaging of your intellectual property into a signature methodology and product ecosystem, designed to meet different customer needs and scale your business.


6 Publish – sharing your thought leadership by publishing content in different formats and on different platforms.


7 Profile – a publicity plan designed to build your visibility, position you as an authority in your field and increase your newsworthiness.




Three program options are available – silver, gold and platinum – depending on your needs.

Delivered in-person and online via Zoom.




To learn more about the three program options and discuss whether this is program could be for you, contact Ros Weadman on 1800 677 600 or via email.




I recently completed Ros Weadman’s personal branding program. Prior to commencing the program I was uncertain and confused about marketing myself and my business. I have now gained the clarity and confidence that I needed to move forward with my business and develop a marketing program to build my profile and connect with my target markets. Ros’s deep insights and signature methodology not only transformed my business, they have also transformed me and ignited a passion and purpose that I didn’t know that I had.

Lisa Martin
Wise Lion Coaching

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