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Signature BrandCode® Personal Branding

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Develop a signature personal brand that positions you as a leading authority in your field

This intensive three-day training is for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, career-driven individuals and others wanting to make their mark.

In this workshop, you’ll develop a signature personal brand that ignites your passion, reflects your unique style, attitude and voice, increases your newsworthiness and forges a reputation as a go-to person in your field.

What we’ll cover:

  • Purpose – Unearth your values, beliefs and purpose to create a manifesto that makes clear to the world what you stand for
  • Philosophy – Articulate your philosophical beliefs and values into a signature methodology 
  • Positioning – Identify your brand’s archetype, language and tonality, and the brand space you can “own” to differentiate yourself from others
  • Proposition – Craft your distinguishing qualities and specialisations into a powerful value proposition that solves a problem people will pay for
  • Pitch – Construct a memorable pitch that’s easy to say and evokes curiosity
  • Profile – don’t read the news, be the news! Learn how to gain free publicity for your brand
  • Presentation – Create an impactful presentation to deliver your wisdom with confidence using the best practice methodology
  • Promotion – Build a content and PR ecosystem that e

Venue: Emerald, VICTORIA

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'Ros’s work helps clients get clear on who they are, the needs of their target markets and how they wish to be positioned in the marketplace. Every chance we get, we recommend our clients see Ros first as we know it will be highly beneficial for the final client outcome. '

Ricky Verkaik
Director, Zain Digital

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